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Pianist, composer, musical director and music producer.


Over the years Itamar has composed music for theater, film and dance performances, alongside his work as a musical director and orchestrator in a wide range of independent and repertory stage productions of various performing arts. Itamar has collaborated with major musical institutions and artists, including The Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra and the Israel Jazz Orchestra. He Holds a bachelor's degree in music from the Ono Academic College.


Amongst his works as a composer:


The Cameri Theatre, Tel Aviv-

"Empty Handed"

"I'm Your Grandmother"

"Waking Lions"

Scapino Ballet, Rotterdam-

"Killing The Butterfly"

Ballet Munich-


Divadlo Jozefa Gregora Tajovského, Slovakia-

"I Love Mama"

The Khan Theatre, Jerusalem-

"The Door Upfront"

"The Grandmothers"

"The Glass Menagerie"

Beit Lessin Theatre, Tel Aviv-

"Brighton Beach Memoirs"

Inbal Dance Theatre Company, Tel Aviv-

"While The Fireflies Disappear"

Beer Sheva Theatre-

"Three Sisters"


“Empty Handed” (Haifa film festival, Astra Film Festival 2022), "Muranow" (Jerusalem Film Festival 2020, Documentary Winner Montreal Israeli Film Festival 2021), “Case Closed” (Docaviv film Festival 2015)


and many more.


In 2020, after 3 years of a long artistic journey, Gross finally completed the Followspot project: an original musical work combining art collaborations of  - dance, animation, performance and installation art. Together with his best friend, writer and director Aharon Levin, they created a multi-disciplinary performance which accompanies a solo piano album. The compositions recorded while performed on an upright piano in an unusual recording method, enabling the listener to feel like they are actually seated near the pianist on a cold wintery night, discovering the stories as the music unfolds. 


The music invites you to dive into another dimension, drift away on an emotional journey hearing the music that the protagonist hears in his mind.


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