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Solo piano performance by Itamar Gross.

“They say the heart plays what men’s life can’t express”

FollowSpot is a musical video performance by the pianist and musician Itamar Gross and consists of a solo piano performance interleaved with the projection of animated video onto a set of modular cardboard boxes.


Between the musical sections, Itamar takes apart and reassembles the cardboard boxes in ways which constitute directorial "location changes" and make him an active participant in both the directorial and the narrative events.

The plot walks the line between the lyrical and the grotesque. It tells the story of a lonely and outcast stagehand, living with his sickly parents and working on a megalomaniacal production at the national theatre as the followspot man for the show's lead. His life is a grey and humiliating routine, repeating itself day in and day out. He is a transparent person amongst thousands of transparent people, forced to constantly gaze upon those who are in the spotlight. The turn takes place when one of the show's dancers stumbles during a performance and with one involuntary movement of a spotlight becomes his heart's obsessive desire.


The show accompanies the release of the album –
Solo piano
Music for the Fireflies

Coming up December 2019


FollowSpot tries to shine a spotlight on the more remote, far-flung regions of our culture; the places where the last fireflies of humanity flicker and glow.

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